BlackNET v3.7.0

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Free advanced and modern Windows botnet with a nice and secure PHP panel developed using VB.NET.

About BlackNET
Free advanced and modern Windows botnet with a nice and secure PHP panel built using VB.NET.

this botnet controller comes with a lot of features and the most secure panel for free

Developed By: Black.Hacker

What You Can Do

  1. Upload File
    • From URL
    • From Disk
  2. DDOS Attack [ TCP,UDP,ARME,Slowloris, HTTPGet, POSTHttp, Bandwidth Flood ]
    • Start DDOS
    • Stop DDOS
  3. Open Webpage
    • Visible
    • Hidden
  4. Show MessageBox
  5. Take Screenshot
  6. Steal Firefox Cookies
  7. Steal Saved Passwords
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • NordVPN
    • FileZilla
    • Outlook
  8. Steal Chrome Cookies
  9. Steal Discord Token
  10. Steal Clipboard Data
  11. Execute Shell Commands
    • CMD (Command Prompt)
    • Powershell
  12. Send Spam Emails
  13. Run XMR Miner
  14. Seed a Torrent File
    • From Disk
    • From URL
  15. Keylogger
  16. Execute Scripts
  17. Execute Custom Plugins
  18. Computer Operations
    • Restart
    • Shutdown
    • Logout
  19. Bitcoin Wallet Stealer
  20. Uninstall Client
  21. Move Client
  22. Blacklist Client
  23. Update Client
  24. Close Client

  1. PHP >= 7.3
  2. NET Framework
    • Stub >= 4.5
    • Builder >= 4.5
How to Install

  1. Pull the repo or Download the latest release
  2. Compress BlackNET panel folder and upload it to your hosting
  3. Create a database with any name you want
  4. Change the database information in config/config.php
  5. Change the "Panel URL" with your url in config/config.php
  6. Change all files and folders permission to 777
  7. Make Sure that all dependencies are included in "plugins" folder
    • FileSearcher.dll
    • PasswordStealer.dll
    • PluginExample.dll
    • xmrig.exe
  8. Go to install.php fill-up the form and click install
  9. Create a cron job for ping.php and remove.php
Update notice
If you have BlackNET installed you need


  1. Make a copy of config.php
  2. Upload the new files
  3. Update the new config.php
  4. Run update.php
How to secure BlackNET

  1. Remove install.php and update.php
  2. Enable Captcha using Google reCaptcha v3
  3. Enable 2FA on your account
  4. Add a security question
How to use the File Searcher Function

  1. execute "Get file fom the system" command on the client
  2. use this pattern %Userprofile%|[Here write extension list]
  3. Wait until the plugin finish the process and upload the files
Pattern Example:


000Webhost notice
Please use Unzipper.php to extract the panel files inside 000webhost filemanager

If you want to develope or reuse the panel you can take a look at the code document to understand some of the functions and how to use them


YouTube Tutorials
How to install BlackNET v3.7.0

How to obfuscate BlackNET

How to Setup BlackNET Cron Job System

How to Secure BlackNET Panel

What's New
1. Added more Charts and Stats
2. Updated the stub .NET Framework to 4.5
+ Fixed a lot of HTTP Socket Issues and Stabilty
+ More room for new features
3. Fixed Discord Stealer
4. Added PHPSpreadsheet
+ Export Logs to Excel file insted of CSV
5. Fixed "Stop DDoS" Bug
6. Fixed "Take Screenshot" Bug
7. Fixed "Delete Files" Bug
8. Fixed "Installed Softwares" Bug
9. Fixed Self Destruction Bug
10. Added Code Documentation for Developers
11. Added GPU and CPU information
12. Added RAM Size Information
13. Added DropBox Spread
14. Added OneDrive Spread
15. Added Downloader with Multiple Links
16. Added XMR Miner
17. Added Export Passwords to Excel
18. Added Client Files Backup Function
19. Added Torrent Seeder
20. Added Disable Windows Defender
21. Added Protect with Critical Process
22. Added Modules Support
23. Keylogger Start On Run [Optional]
24. Modified File Binder
+ Support Multiple Files
25. Added "Client Information" Page
+ Export Client Informtion to Excel
26. Fixed 000webhost issue [ Tested ]
27. Updated BlackNET Builder to .NET 4.5
28. Redesigned the Builder
29. Modified the Password Stealer
+ Doesn't require Newtonsoft.Json.dll
30. Modified the File Searcher
+ Doesn't require
31. Modified the Icon Changer
32. Modified "Schedule Task" Function
33. Removed Chrome History Stealer
34. Cleaner Code and File Structure
35. Cleaner Database Structure
36. Simple Template Engine to handle layouts
37. The panel now depends on Composer
38. Code Refactored with the standard PSR-12
39. Updated PHPMailer to 6.2.0
40. Updated BlackUpload to v1.5.2
41. Secrity Enhancement
42. Small UI changes
43. Small Installation Changes
44. Improved Connection Speed
45. Bug Fixes

Used Code

Used Code Used For
KFC Watermelon PlasmaRAT BlackNET DDoS
NYANxCAT LimeLogger Keylogger
0xfd Chrome Retriver Chrome Stealer
LimerBoy JSONReader Firefox Stealer
Amadeus XMR Miner XMR Miner

Used Libraries

  1. PHPMailer
  2. Google reCaptcha
  3. PHPSpreadsheet
  4. Google Authenticator
  5. GeoIP2
Pass: b0t1O

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